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The Flakester

This is perhaps our most well known project, physician what becomes of an old Sportster when the FlakeKings get a hold of it. We built this bike for the organisers of the Kustom Kulture Forever event in Herten, Germany in 2013. The bike was raffled off there to one lucky ticketholder!

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Project Quebrantahuesos

A '56 Triumph pre-unit in a '52 rigid frame. Fully redone 650 engine and gearbox. Shortened forks sporting NOS MCM covers, NOS MCM pipes, NOS non-ribbed Wassel rear fender, home-made sissy-bar, Schwinn bicycle-saddle and vintage GME chopper tank.

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Project WLA-Beesa

Bought as someones stranded project a few years ago our Flathead project is patiently waiting for completion. The 750 needs to be done over completely and so does the BSA gearbox. Putting a Beesa-box behind these engines was a common trick in the old days used for racing. 

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SR500 Munchie-Hopper

Being inspired by Japanese builders we bought this '79 Yamaha SR500 to turn into a local bar hopper. Pretty much everything on the bike went in the bin until there was just a bare frame and some forks left. The frame was worked over heavily like the trimmed down oil-in-frame top tube to accomodate a smaller tank and for overall slimmer looks.

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The Weslake Bike

This late 60's Speedway bike came to us after being beaten around the track for years. It still ran when we got it (on methanol!) but full-throtlle sliding took it's toll on the paint and body-parts. We completely took it apart, glassbead-blasted virtually everything and had the frame and forks powdercoated black.

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